About Us

Lotus Blossom is a business that believes in giving back as much as possible.

We are a family run business that believes everyone can make a difference.  

We love what we do and we are passionate about helping others and making people feel good.

Our company motto is: "Because the most beautiful things in life are so much better when we share."

 Doesn't it feel good to give something to someone? Isn't it awesome to see their face light up with a big smile, radiating joy?

That's the feeling we want to give to children around the world.

We want them to Blossom with JOY. 

 We want our customers to feel pure joy when they receive our clothes and put them on. 

We want YOU to Blossom with JOY.

Our customers realize they can help feed and clothe a child across the world from them.

We realize that the more LOVE we give to others, the better the world will become. 

Lotus Blossom